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Thursday Blackjack Tournament


Blackjack is back… Jack!

THURSDAY Blackjack Tournament

Tournament takes place every Thursday. * Qualifying rounds are every THURSDAY for a total of three (3) qualifying days. * Players can also qualify through a wild card draw only round the day of the Grand Finale (last Thursday of the month).
This tournament is FREE to play and anyone wishing to enter can register at Guest Services the day of each qualifying event, Registration starts at noon and the qualifying event starts at 7pm sharp. * Players have a chance to win a share of minimum $3,650 in total prize money. $4,150 in months that have 5 Thursdays.

Entry Requirements
All Players must be 18 years or older with valid government ID. Players can register the day of qualifying starting at 12pm. Registration has a maximum of 42 players per qualifying event.

There is also a Wildcard draw during each qualifier for the 7th seat in the daily final. Players can only play once per qualifying day. Any player who has qualified for the final is not permitted to register at other qualifying rounds. * Players can also win the chance to play at the finale through a Wildcard draw on Final THURSDAY of each month. A barrel for Wildcard ballots will be posted at Guest Services at noon each day. Only one Wildcard ballot per person. Ballots are controlled and issued by Guest Services. * Players must check in with the event director 5 minutes before qualifying begins. * It is at the discretion of Rivers Casino to disqualify any player who misses their scheduled round time. Every effort will be made to avoid disqualification through the system’s “wait list” but there are no guarantees.

Tournament Play
Each player will receive $5000 in tournament chips. Each round will consist of 14 hands and will be dealt from a 6-deck shoe. * Players MUST wager every hand. * Wagers must be a minimum of $25 and there is NO maximum limit. * There are no side bets, King’s Bounty, buster for example, players wager on the outcome of the hand only. * Players will be seated at random by the event director. * A rotating button will be used to indicate who bets first and will start at seat number one. The event director or dealer will use a clicker to track the count of the hands, one click after every hand. * Chips cannot be concealed or hidden; highest value chips MUST be placed clearly in front of the player. * Bets will be placed one at a time, starting on the button and progressing across the table. Once a bet is placed, it cannot be changed. The last hand of the qualifying round will be a secret ballot bet. If players do not write down the wager amount, they will be disqualified from the tournament. * The 42 players registered will be broken down into six (6) groups of seven (7).

The top player from each sub round will move on to the day’s final round. * The top two (2) players from the day’s final round move on to the finale on the last THURSDAY (6 winners) The winner of the qualifying round receives $500 cash.

In the event of a tie, one more hand will be played. * Registration for the final begins at 12pm on The last THURSDAY, and closes at 7pm. Seven (7) Wildcard draws will begin at 7pm. The winner of the Wildcard draw round will win the 7th and last open seat in the final. * Qualifying players are non-transferable and cannot be substituted. In the event of a dispute, the tournament director’s decisions are final. With the exceptions noted above, all standard rules of Blackjack apply.

The prizes for this tournament will be paid in full, in cash and at the end of the event. The guaranteed total prize pool amount of minimum $3,650 is provided by Rivers Casino and Entertainment Centre. * Seven (7) finalists receive a share of the minimum $2,150 cash prize.

1st place = $1000
2nd place = $500
3rd place = $250
4th to 7th place = $100
* Players MUST be present to claim their prize.

Mandatory General Rules and additional information
Rivers Casino and Entertainment Centre reserves the right to deny participation in the tournament. * Rivers Casino and Entertainment Centre reserves the right to cancel or alter the tournament for any reason. The player agrees to abide by all tournament rules as published or amended. * Rivers Casino and Entertainment Centre reserves the right to use player information for promotional purposes. * Advertising through social media including Rivers Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Internal posters throughout the building and electric pylon sign.

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WSOP Satellite Poker Tournament
WSOP Satellite Poker Tournament
– Starting Nov. 19th @ 3pm.
– Early registration starts Thursday, Nov. 16th
– Tables will open at 2pm. Sign up with the Pit Bosses.
– Nov 19th, 26th and Dec. 3rd will be a $100 NLH buy in.
– Dec. 10 will be a $500 NLH buy-in.
– The main event will be held at Deerfoot Casino from Jan. 18th – 22nd.
Please Note:
Nov. 21, 2023 our new table hours will be in effect. Therefore Nov. 26, Dec. 3 and Dec. 10 the tables will open at 12pm. Players can sign up any time when tables are open. All Tournaments will start at 3pm.

Prize structure for the $100 Tournament: (AKA: Step 1)
$100 NLH
1 in 7.9 players advance to the $500 Tournament.
Tournament Dates: Nov. 19, 26, & Dec. 3, 2023
Prize structure for the $500 Tournament: (AKA: Step 2)
$500 NLH
1 in 10 win WSOPC Package
Tournament Date: Dec. 10, 2023
WSOPC Package includes:
 $1,700 WSOPC Main Event Ticket
– $600 WSOPC Mystery Bounty Ticket
– $400 WSOPC Monster Stack Ticket
– $400 WSOPC 4-Flight Ticket
– $250 WSOPC Big-30 Stack Ticket

– $1045 spending cash

Main Event Dates: 

January 18 – 22, 2024  Deerfoot Casino, Calgary.

Texas Hold 'em Tournament

Join us for our Texas Hold ’em POKER TOURNEY every SATURDAY at 3 pm.

  • $200 Buy in (for 5,000 tournament chips).
  • Unlimited $50 re-buys until break (for 5,000 tournament chips).
  • 40% > 1st place, 25% > 2nd place, 15% > 3rd place, 7.5% > 4th place, 2.5% > Charity, 10% > House
  • Players can sign up before each following tournament. Only when tables are opened.
  • Tables open: Sunday 2 pm – 10 pm, Mon. – Thurs. 4 pm – 10 pm, Fri. & Sat. 2 pm – 10 pm
    (See Pit Boss at the tables).
  • On the day of the tournament players can still register up to 15 mins before tournament starts.
  • Minimum is 11 players, Max is 33.* Feb. 11, May 13, Aug. 19, and Nov. 8 are a $500 Buy-in. 
Saturday Slot Tournament


10:00 am – 7:30 pm – registrations (up to 48 people)
8:00 pm Round 1 – Run 4 sessions back-to-back, top 12 players from round 1 move on to round 2
8:30 pm Round 2 – Run 2 sessions, top 6 players from round 2 move on to Final
9:00 pm – Final


1st: $300 cash, 2nd: $250 cash, 3rd: $200 cash, 4th: $150, 5th: $100, 6th: $50



The Casino: Rivers Casino, including parent and subsidiary companies as well as all employees and representatives.
The Participants: Individuals pre-registered to compete in qualifying rounds, drop in participants as well as spectators and casino clientele.

Entry Requirements:

1. All Participants must be 18 years or older with valid Government ID.
2. Due to limited space Rivers Casino retains the right to limit the number of tournament participants at its discretion.
3. Rivers Casino retains the right to deny participation by any player without providing cause.
4. Any player not participating within the boundaries of the official tournament rules will be ejected from the tournament with no right to compensation.
5. Participants must be present in the tournament area 10 (ten) minutes prior to their scheduled round time.
6. Any participant who misses their scheduled round time will be disqualified and replaced with a drop in entry.
All decision of Rivers Casino with respect of its contest are final. Rivers Casino reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to suspend or cancel the ‘Saturday Party’ slot tournament at any time. This contest is not open to those who appear on the Alberta voluntary self-exclusion and /or barred persons list or employees of Rivers Casino.

Waiver of Liability:

The winner agrees, except where prohibited, that the Rivers Casino may use winner’s names, pictures, portrait, likeness, and voice for advertising and promotional purposes without compensation. By entering, the contestant agrees that the Rivers Casino, its affiliates, partners, advertising and promotion agencies and suppliers and all the respective officers, directors, employees, representatives, and agents shall have no liability for, and shall be held harmless for and against any damage, loss or injury that may arise in whole or part, directly or indirectly, from the acceptance, possession, use or misuse of prize or participation in this contest. Rivers Casino makes no warranty, representation, or guarantee, express or implied, in fact or in law, relative to use of the prize. Those who complete ballots with email addresses choose to opt-in or subscribe to the Rivers Casino email list for future promotional offers hereby hold the Rivers Casino harmless. Those patrons who wish to opt-out or unsubscribe to such email offer may do so at any time.


For Poker room hours call 780-790-9739, ext 105

Fridays only: Cash game $2-$5 starts at 4pm.
Every other night: 6pm.

Join us for our Texas Hold ’em POKER TOURNEY every SATURDAY at 3 pm. (Cash game following)

* See pit boss for details.

Private Events

We’d love to host you party or event. The Lounge at Rivers Casino is the destination for all memorable events and we’ll help to make yours spectacular.

To book your event call 780 790 9739, or email [email protected]

Full and partial room bookings available.

Cash bar/table service

Parties are personalized to meet the needs of our clients. Please ask how we can make your event exceptional.

Additional fees may apply.


Hours of Operation

  • Sunday – Thursday: 9:30 am – 3:00 am
  • Friday & Saturday: 9:30 am – 4:00 am

The Rivers Casino & Entertainment Centre has over 400 of the best and newest slots. You’re sure to find a game you’ll love to play!

We operate a coinless (Ticket-in\Ticket-out) slot floor.

Provincial & local progressive slots.

Table Games

Hours of Operation (Updated Nov. 11th, 2023)

Monday – Thursday: 2 pm – 2 am
Friday & Saturday: 12 pm – 3 am
Sunday: 12pm – 2 am


Something for everyone to enjoy!

  • Slot Machines
  • Blackjack
  • Free Bet Blackjack
  • Ultimate Texas Hold’em Progressive Jackpot
  • Three Card Poker Progressive Jackpot
  • Roulette
  • Chase The Flush
  • 3 Poker Tables

Rivers Casino & Entertainment Centre encourages all its guest to play responsibly.

All casino staff may assist you in the event you require assistance.

For further information on the Alberta Self Exclusion Program visit or email the GameSense Advisor [email protected] or visit the GameSense Information Centre on site.